About Us

We Create Satori Mantras

Because we have a dream

Our mission is to help you awaken your dreams and live an awakened life. We believe that by wearing jewelry and clothing infused with empowering mantras you will naturally change your negative self-talk, and start living your dreams.

That’s why every piece of jewelry and article of clothing has an uplifting mantra at its core. We envision you embodying the mantra as you wear it and stepping into your power as a creative being. What you tell yourself repeatedly is what you believe, and your beliefs create your reality. A mantra is an instrument of thought and our mantras will lead to a magical mindset.

Meet Carol and Nichole

Our mother/daughter partnership emerged from the shared dream of being awakened entrepreneurs that make a difference. We share a passion for adding meaning to every product we put out into the world, and we love working together!

Nichole puts love into each and every bracelet she makes and infuses each gemstone bead with its powerful mantra. She enhances the energy of each bracelet with her final blessing of love and gratitude. As a massage therapist and boutique manager Nichole combines her healing touch with her love of fashion to create meaningful jewelry. 

Carol creates the mantras and messages for every product. She collaborates with Leslie Denby, the founder of DYI | Define Your Inspiration, to co-create the mantra tops. As a blogger and life coach Carol is passionate about helping people wake up and live their dreams. Carol is the founder of Destination Satori, and the author of two books, Satori Living: How to Create a Balanced Life That You Love, and a fictional love story, Princess Gaia and the Kingdom of Satori. She is currently writing her third book, From Mantras to Miracles.  

Carol & Nichole

Our Products

We source the best quality gemstones we can find and add our positive vibes. The jewelry bags are made of hemp and the mantra message cards are included with each bracelet. The beautiful charms are either sterling silver or gold-plated. Each piece is handcrafted in Evergreen, Colorado. 

The DYI clothing line is a popular brand for women who want to be comfortable and fashionable from the yoga studio or gym to the street. With the addition of Mantra Tops every woman who wears them will not only be looking good, they will also feel good, and do good. DYI has its own factory in Houston, Texas where all their clothing is manufactured. 


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Our Intention

When we started Satori Mantras we set the intention to make a difference. With that in mind we are donating 10% of our profits to Steel Magnolia Moms. This is an organization founded by Elizabeth Elder that supports moms with children who have special needs. 

We met some of these amazing women while leading retreats and workshops in Colorado and Texas. Hearing about the extra challenges they face as moms we understand why they need extra support. As a non-profit organization Steel Magnolia Moms rely on donations to fund their programs.  

To learn more about this organization and these amazing women, visit their website at: www.steelmagnoliamoms.com 

Satori Living Workshop in Houston