Find Your Joy

Do you want a joyful life?

The holidays are meant to be a season of joy. If you start to feel like you're not doing enough or that stress, overwhelm, and fatigue are stealing your joy, it's time to stop what you're doing and find your joy.

Joy lives in the light of your soul. When the dark side of the ego comes between you and your soul, it diminishes the light and hides your joy.

A joyful life comes from waking up and remembering that you have unlimited potential. To fulfill your potential it’s helpful to remove the obstacles that are blocking you from hearing the voice of your soul. 

When you change your beliefs, you change your life. Fear-based beliefs will stop you from realizing your full potential more than any outside circumstances ever will. 

What you believe about yourself matters. What you think repeatedly forms your beliefs, and your beliefs create your reality. If you want to change anything about your life, you have to start by changing your false beliefs about yourself.

In the thirty years I’ve been teaching and coaching people to wake up and remember who they really are I’ve discovered that everyone has one or more misbeliefs about themselves that hold them back from living their dreams and finding their joy.

         Your ego is who you think you are, your soul is who you really are.

I know from personal experience what a struggle it can be to overcome the subconscious beliefs that run 95% of our behaviors. I am aware of how invisible programs can influence our lives, and I know how to change disempowering subconscious programming.

Love and light,

Carol Gutzeit


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